Happy New Year!

Our software partner, Alarm.com, helps us provide so many energy saving solutions! New Year is the perfect time to start fresh and make decisions like consuming less, stressing less, and spending less. Whatever your New Year’s resolutions may be, adding ‘smart features’ to your home will make life that much simpler.

Get up early, and get active! You’re way too busy becoming a better you in 2015 to worry about what’s going on with your home, leave that to us! Nothing is more than a phone app away. Now you can spend more of your energy thinking of your next healthy meal or workout, instead of worrying that you may have left the house unlocked, lights on, or garage door open.

Save money by setting smart schedules on your appliances, lights and thermostats so you’re only using electricity during the cheapest times. Turn up the heat an hour before you get home from a weekend get-away, or check to make sure everything is off when you leave for a trip. Our quality equipment, warranties, and guarantee’s will also save you money. Don’t fall for DIY products, or “no contract” advertisements.

Some newer companies have been heavily advertising “no contract” options for home security and automation as a better money saving option. The truth about these companies is that you end up spending the same if not more money over time, the equipment is cheaply made, and you’re required to install it yourself. We waive all installation fees, have our trained professionals install the most advanced equipment available, and stand by our lifetime product guarantee. Monthly payments not your thing? Paying the whole term up front will save you 10%!