Keeping Children Safe With Your Alarm System

You can utilize your alarm system to its full potential; it can do much more that prevent burglary! Your security system can be completely tailored to your needs and lifestyle and will provide several benefits for safety, security and convenience. Here are some great tips for parents to get the most out of their alarm system:

  • Teach your children how to properly use your security system
    Children who are old enough to be home alone should know how to properly use the alarm system. Make sure they know the code to the keypad, your verbal passcode, and how to arm the system in “stay mode”.  Make sure they know exactly how to handle all emergency and non-emergency situations involving the alarm system.
  • Use door sensors to notify you of ‘no go’ zones
    Door sensors will notify you of anyone entering somewhere they shouldn’t be, and not just burglars. Even when the alarm system isn’t set make sure the contacts are programmed to chime when doors and windows open or close. Contacts can be placed on areas like medicine cabinets, rooms with cleaning supplies or even your pool gate. The chime will help you keep an even closer eye on your children and ensure they’re avoiding those potentially dangerous areas.
  • Place cameras in areas that are potentially hazardous for children
    For parents with children of any age, there are many areas in the home potentially dangerous for them.  Placing cameras in places like the pool, staircase or facing a trampoline will enable you to keep an eye on the kids while cleaning up or cooking dinner. Parents need all the help they can get, and using your cameras to assist you is a great idea!
  • Utilize home automation
    As a ‘smart home’ owner, you’re always discovering ways your home automation system brings convenience into your life! Things like being able to ensure your older children remember to lock the door when they get home from school, or having the ability to see who’s knocking at your door when they’re home alone are seemingly ‘new-age’ things that end up being necessities-much like the cell phone.