Lighting Control

Create custom schedules that benefit you.

Not only can lighting control help save you money, it adds convenience to your day and enhances your home’s security when you’re not there. Schedule your lights to go on or off:

  • When the alarm is armed or disarmed
  • When specific doors are opened and closed
  • When there’s motion in a room or hallway
  • When you’re out of town and want to give the appearance that someone is home
Light Module

Lamp Switch

The Lamp Switch uses the latest technology to provide you remote control of lamps from almost anywhere – home or away – with the simple touch of a button. When plugged into the module, standard incandescent floor and table lamps can be given dimming capabilities, allowing you to create ambiance within a room.

Light Module with Dimmer

Lamp Switch with Dimmer

Designed to control both resistive and inductive lamps, lights connected to the Lamp Switch with Dimmer can be operated remotely or manually using the traditional paddle switch. Lights can be turned on and off at the push of a button, making this device the ideal solution for controlling and automating your lights.