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How Secure is Your Home Security Camera?

When you hear some strange noises outside your house during the night, your first reaction would be to see who is causing the disturbance but you will do this without opening your main door. This is where your security camera would come in handy. Yet, not many people are aware that security cameras are plagued […]

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Keeping Children Safe With Your Alarm System

You can utilize your alarm system to its full potential; it can do much more that prevent burglary! Your security system can be completely tailored to your needs and lifestyle and will provide several benefits for safety, security and convenience. Here are some great tips for parents to get the most out of their alarm […]

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5 Tips to Improve Your Home Security This Summer

Unfortunately, with the warmer weather come more home break-ins. In fact, more burglaries occur during the summer than any other time of year.  While enjoying the nice fresh air, families tend to leave doors and windows unlocked, and their blinds open. Many people also go on vacation leaving their homes vacant.  Everyone knows to drink […]

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