Why You Need A Home Alarm System

As per a statement given by Alarm System Report, more than two million home were burgled last year. This accounts for almost six hundred burglaries a day at various places in the world. These statistics are alarming for both the renters and the homeowners. These reports cannot be ignored or treated with indifference if you are concerned about your family and your possessions. The biggest deterrent to burglaries is a home alarm system. It does have a deep impact on whether or not a burglary will be effective.

It was reported in the United States of America that despite the number of break-ins during a day, less than fifteen per cent of the residents have an anti-burglar home alarm system for their protection. As the crime rates are going up, particularly in the urban areas, it is time you take a decision about investing in a security home alarm system.

Why is a home alarm system so important for your house?

  • It protects your valuables
    This is the benefit that people think of instantly when they plan to get a home alarm system for themselves. We have definitely heard of family or friends that have lost jewelry, electronics or other items of value as a result of intrusion in their homes. It is sad to know that even family heirlooms have been stolen in some cases. A security system will help in scaring away burglars and it can also help in the notification of the local authorities if anyone attempts to break in.
  • It deters burglaries
    A study that was done six years ago by Rutgers University revealed that as the home alarm systems increased in a residential area, the number of burglaries came down in that region. The system not only protects the houses in an area but also the whole neighborhood which becomes a safe place for all.
  • Fire detection
    an important reason to set up an alarm monitoring system is to detect cases of smoke and fire. It could be a cooking mishap or an electrical short circuit leading to a spark from the central heating unit. It could be an incident by the fireplace, the stove or the water heater. It is important that you be alerted so that you can report the incident quickly as fires can cause much damage and they can be dangerous. It is necessary to protect your home against them.
  • Reduction in Homeowners’ Insurance
    The security system will reduce the premiums you pay on the homeowners’ insurance by almost one fifth of the original amount.

Monitoring Services

When you invest in a home alarm system, you are also gaining access to the important monitoring services. These types of services will alert companies that monitor your entire house for you and send you messages concerning the status of security in your home. They will also alert the police authorities in case of any break-in. This allows for an entire security package as companies will be able to safeguard your home. You will get peace of mind with a home alarm system and it will help you in remaining a healthy and focused person.